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Willo Businesses; acquire leads for businesses for sale and other investment opportunities in USA. These businesses are open to anyone in the USA or foreign buyers who wish to immigrate to America. So far we have helped many foreign clients acheive their wish to own a business and move to America. Foreign investors who invests a substantial amount of capital in a US business and who will develop and direct the business may apply for an investor visa. Foreign business owners who own a company or companies overseas may open a branch or subsidiary in the U.S. Anyone can live the American dream.

We provide the following services:

New Business Start up plant





If you have a business overseas we can help you set up a branch of your business in the U.S.

The L-1 visa is a good way for small or start-up overseas companies to expand their business and services to the United States. This is advantageous to smaller companies because it allows for the transfer of a highly proficient manager or executive who has direct knowledge of operations, allowing the setup of a new branch in compliance with the goals and objectives of the company’s main office in Nigeria.

The L-1 visa is a temporary non-immigrant visa which allows companies to relocate foreign qualified employees or managers/ owners to its U.S. subsidiary or parent company. The L1 visa may also include non-profit, religious, or charitable organizations. The maximum stay for managers or executives is seven years. In the case of managers and executives, an application for permanent residence can be made after the U.S Company has been in existence for at least one year.

There is no minimum investment required, no educational reqiuments and no treaty reqiurements for the L-visa

Business Types (includes so many others which were not included)
Used clothing Company
Export Company
Printing Press
Travel Agency
Real Estate
Auto Repair
Dry Cleaning
Car Rental Business
Clothing store
Trucking Business
Pastry Business
Beauty Salon
Hardware Store
Used/New Furniture
Preschool/Daycare (and so on)

  1. Business Purchase
  2. Hands






    Over the years, our experience has helped countless international business clients become successful business owners. And as your partner, we'll find the business that suits you best, whether it is a hotel, convenience store or any small, to mid size or large business.When you purchase a business in America, you qualify for various visa types that allows your to relocate and even eventually get a U.S green card. Our job doesn't end once we find you a business, we also help you run it so it could qualify as an ongoing business. Buying a U.S company will qualify you for an E2 investment visa, L1 New Office visa, amongst others.


  3. Business Training
  4. Classroom of People




    Just arrived in the U.S to run your business and have no clue where to start? We provide various types of business training for new businesses or new managers/ employees taking over an old business. We send you someone who is well knowledged in your field. Development opportunities doesn’t only help to ensure that your organization is a desirable place to work, development programs also have a positive impact on performance.


  5. Facilitate Business Investments/Investment visas
  6. watch and a key



    Investment facilitation is our priority as it builds on positive business. A talented workforce, a world-class education system, supportive government and superior infrastructure mean America is a great place for investment. We provide confidential and professional advice to international investors designed to make setting up or expanding a business in the U.S.A as simple as possible.


  7. Open a U.S. Bank Account

    If you are wondering if opening a new bank account in America 'as a foreigner' is possible or not and how it can be done? Then you have come to the right place.


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