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US bank account for foreigners

If you are wondering if opening a new bank account in America  'as a foreigner' is possible or not and how it can be done? Then you have come to the right place.

If you are about to start a business in the States or already own a US business and you do not have a working credit card in the American markets, then you will have a problem transacting business in the USA. Also, if you own a company overseas and transact business in the USA you will lose a lot of money because most people don’t want to pay international wire transfer fees or western union fees.

A US account adds a lot of prestige and integrity to your business, imagine being able to pay your foreign partners and suppliers with a US check. This will also enable you use credit card processors such as PayPal. Funds can be withdrawn free of charge via direct deposit or bank transfer. In additional you will have the luxury to of paying merchants with electronics checks, which are accepted on many websites.

Apart from uninterrupted access to your account, you also get access to online banking, a free Visa debit card and a check book.

Documents needed:

  •  Two identification methods: a passport & a credit card are generally best.
  •  Your full address in your home country.



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